Yucky… or shitty service…

Posted: January 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hi and welcome to my new endeavour…

A little while ago I was involved in a terrible situation and on the receiver’s end regarding shitty service.

It then hit me like a freight train of how vunerable or gullable we are regarding services we receive. After all, 99% of the time we pay for it, and I want my money’s worth…

I did a little research regarding the “service industry” and came to a shocking discovery that litteraly thousands of people are being ripped off by a service provider and/or industry every day. This varies from government, municipal, county, retail, police… every where…

I have had enough and got to a point and started voicing myself, where my children ask or some times plead with me not to embarress them in front of others. “just let it go” are their words, more than often I might add!!! Usually I get my way and I think it’s every body’s right to complain about negligent, unfriendly, unjust or any kind of unfair service or practise.

It is also notable how many people “just let it go”. Bollocks, I say, let’s unite against service provider bullying…

I would therefore ask you to join me in order to adress this problem, or at least try to get back what belongs to us.

If you have anything to add or a story to tell, please post it with us, because I have plans beyond words or ideas about this issue.

If you live in any city or town, I think we should open a page or site or blog for your place and let it ripp…

Any comments, be it positive or negative are welcome.

  1. Dick says:

    A few days ago i went into a clothing store……

    There was this young Muslim women working and it was very noisy in the shop. I touched her shoulder to get het attention…

    I was totally embarressed by her response: “dont fucking touch me you idiot”

    Sorry but i have 3 kids and bought all their school stuff from them….
    i replied: “you dont touch my fucking money either, idiot muslim” and i left the shop….

    3 kids on average $300 per annum i spent there….. no more and i rather support a jewish shop where i get great service…

  2. Frazer says:

    I ran or surfed into your blog, I just had a quick look and will returned later. it’s bookmarked

  3. Shaun says:

    You are 100% right. We are being ripped-off.

    Great Idea about the town or city blog.

    please contact me regarding your blog

    • Werner says:

      What a great idea… I also had an awfull experience with the local ford dealer with regards to a minor sertvice, and i’m still waiting on spares that should have been delivered on March, 8th. I wonder how long still. The worst part is they said they will phone me even if there was a delay, well today being the 16th, and not a single phone call. Maybee the cost to phone a customer is way too expensive for them. They probably can’t afford a 50p phone call but is not willing to release my car if I am 5 pound short. The service was 150 after all….

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